Diligens is a management consultancy and professional services company having significant experience across varied industries and business segments, and is best placed to be your trusted advisor.

We specialise in providing the following services:

  • Business Formation Services
  • Business Support Services
  • Business Advisory services
  • Tax & Regulatory Services

New age businesses find it difficult to co-exist with old world licensing norms, compliance and legal issues. Our focus on new age clients, mostly multinationals, is to help them find their feet within the Indian business context and trade. Our clients are businesses with foreign and Indian origins. Our expertise allows them to focus on their core competence. We work as enablers and catalysts, for the entire business lifecycle.

As management consultants, we are repositories of shareholders’ trust. We take due care to respect confidentiality of the information obtained in the conduct of our services. We create value by helping organizations become more transparent, efficient and optimize their capabilities.